Hubei Jingmen phosphorus chemical enterprises with serious pollution rectification

2018 12 06 April 09:12 source: - green channel Beijing on 6 December, (Wang Shaoshao) according to the ecological environment ministry news, 11-12 November fourth, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate of Jingmen city in Hubei province to carry out the sinking inspectors, the city found that the pollution problem of phosphorus chemical industry to shirk responsibility for rectification, against the wind of the approval of new projects; phosphogypsum slag field long-term pollution control measures are not in place, the serious pollution of the surrounding groundwater, surface water, causing adverse effects on the Hanjiang River water quality and safety.

Its main responsibility for rectification, the rectification progress is seriously lagging behind. Since 2017, the Jingmen municipal Party committee and government had never deployed pollution phosphorus chemical enterprises rectification work to phosphorus chemical enterprises mainly concentrated in Zhongxiang city under the jurisdiction of the grounds, the rectification responsibility directly under pressure to the county government, no follow-up supervision, until September 2018 the "look back" in eve, only to the leading group of Jingmen industrial economy the name "plan issued special rectification work Jingmen City phosphating industry". Zhongxiang city in promoting phosphorus chemical remediation work related wait until July 2018, inspectors feedback after more than a year, it issued the relevant plan, start the rectification work. Because of Jingmen city and county two levels of government through rectification, not as slow as, leading to the city's phosphorus chemical industry pollution rectification work is seriously lagging behind. But in December 2017, Jingmen city and subordinate counties (city) government has several levels, said the rectification task has been completed.

Against the wind and illegal approval, and rectification requirements draw further apart. The responsible person of two phosphorus chemical project in the first round of the central environmental inspectors in Hubei province has the responsibility for the illegal processing, but Jingmen still don't learn, regardless of the reform program is strictly prohibited "iron and steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, plate glass, urea, ammonium phosphate and other industries with excess capacity and heavy polluting industries illegal new production capacity, clear requirements of the implementation of equal or reduction replacement" in line with structural adjustment project policy must, in the absence of capacity replacement of the case, the approval of Hubei Shilong Chemical Co., 100 thousand tons of ammonium phosphate industrial construction projects, ecological engineering in Hubei Hubei Limited by Share Ltd 100 thousand tons of industrial grade ammonium phosphate project. Zhongxiang Municipal Development and Reform Bureau in 2017 issued by the investment project registration certificate for the above project, the Jingmen Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in the environmental impact assessment of construction projects approved in 2018 two report. At present, two projects have been completed the construction of preparatory work.

Phosphogypsum site remediation is not in place, serious pollution of the surrounding environment. Jingmen City, phosphogypsum site rectification perfunctory response, pollution prevention and control measures of long term is not in place, the city's 14 residue field has 11 different degree of seepage control, flood interception and anti scattering facilities and other problems. The pollution problem of ecological engineering in Jingmen City, the headquarters of the Limited by Share Ltd of phosphogypsum slag field in 2016, the Zhongxiang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau issued its rectification notice, but until the time when the inspector fails to complete the rectification of pollution is very serious, shocking scene.

The phosphogypsum "three" measures in place (source: Ministry of environment)

Jingxiang chemical phosphorus gypsum slag field leakage prevention measures are not perfect, leachate and phosphogypsum directly into the downstream farmland; chemical residue field Kehai long-term management is not in place, around 2017 2018, groundwater monitoring total phosphorus concentration were 17.6 mg/L, 16.8mg/L, is 400 times more than the background value of control wells; Chen Australia technology phosphogypsum slag seepage field anti leakage measures are not perfect, the groups of inspectors on-site sampling inspection, the adjacent pond water pH value is 3.66, has a strong acid, total phosphorus concentration is as high as 172mg/L.

Phosphogypsum site leachate not effectively collected (source: Ministry of environment)

From all kinds of environmental monitoring data, Jingmen phosphogypsum slag field surrounding groundwater and surface ponds total phosphorus generally exceed the standard, fluoride and ammonia also exist to varying degrees exceed the standard, and the slag field are distributed in the Jingmen section of Hanjiang River and its main tributaries Li River to Hanjiang River water quality safety and adverse effects. In recent years, phosphorus has become the main pollution factors of Hanjiang River, and the total phosphorus concentration is increased year by year.

Groups of inspectors will further verify the situation and requirements of the relevant aspects of Hubei province in accordance with the law to investigate the rectification in place.

(commissioning editor Wang Shaoshao and He Yingchun)