60 years, Guangxi ecological advantages of jinbuhuan"

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Original title: 60 years, Guangxi ecological advantages of jinbuhuan"

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2018 the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was founded in 60th anniversary. In 60 years, the castle is a symbol of Bagui green is the color of the Zhuang, picturesque scenery, ecological beauty is beautiful "name card of Guangxi".

The regional party committee and government have always attached great importance to the construction of ecological civilization, this year 4 months, stressed that the party secretary of the autonomous region in Nanning city on the Luxinshe river ecological remediation project, to adhere to green development, vigorously develop ecological economy, and resolutely reject at the expense of the ecological environment in exchange for temporary economic growth way.

Although the establishment of the autonomous region 60 years of ecological protection have been twists and turns, but after the reform and opening up, especially since the Party of eighteen, firmly hold the Guangxi development and ecological two bottom line, a new chapter to describe the ecological civilization. At the end of September this year, Guangxi forest coverage rate reached 62.31%, ranked the country; in 2017, Guangxi air quality good days average ratio reached 88.5%.

"Guangxi ecological advantages of Jinbuhuan", both nature endowed advantage, more in the Autonomous Region People's endeavor.

The ecological civilization system and gradually improve the system

Ecological civilization is a system engineering, need to take into consideration from the overall height, improve top-level design and overall deployment, Guangxi with a series of policies and measures to promote the construction of ecological civilization.

In 2005, Guangxi made a major decision of the construction of ecological Guangxi. 2010, to promote the construction of ecological civilization demonstration area decision. In the construction of ecological civilization of the eighteen big party in the overall layout of the socialist cause Chinese characteristics, clearly put forward the strategic deployment of one of the five ", Guangxi further intensify the construction of ecological civilization, extensive" beautiful village in Guangxi - clean activities in the region, in accordance with the eighteen proposed five in one overall arrangement of Party's request, to "beautiful Guangxi" as the theme, to "clean village" as the starting point, the construction of "beautiful China" strategic task in Guangxi concrete.

In July 2015, the regional party committee and government issued "on the development of ecological economy to promote the construction of ecological civilization" in depth, decided to develop ecological economy as the starting point, to further promote the construction of ecological civilization. In 2016 the organization of Guilin city and Mashan County actively carry out the second batch of national ecological demonstration area construction. In August 2017, the regional party committee and government issued the "implementation of Guangxi ecological civilization reform program", made clear that in 2020, set up the system of ecological civilization Guangxi characteristic system composed of eight system of natural resources property rights system.

Department of the autonomous region ecological environment conscientiously implement the Autonomous Region Party committee and government on the construction of ecological civilization of the decision to deploy, and actively promote the region at all levels to carry out ecological demonstration to create work. In 2010 named the first batch of the autonomous region level and ecological village township. Since 2012, actively organize to carry out eco County, eco towns and eco village to create work. At the end of September this year, a total of 27 counties (cities, districts), 369 townships, 2763 administrative villages in national or regional level eco demonstration title, Shanglin County won the title of "national ecological civilization demonstration county.

For the protection of regional ecological security, promote the construction of ecological civilization, Guangxi accelerate the delineation of ecological protection red and management. Recently, the "Guangxi plan" smooth delineation of ecological protection red ecological environment department, the Department of natural resources and other relevant departments of the audit committee of experts by. According to the "Guangxi plan" the delineation of ecological protection red, Guangxi sea as a whole after the region's ecological protection of the red line area of 6.276 square kilometers, the region's total area under the jurisdiction of 25.68%.

The formal introduction of the ecological environment compensation system reform implementation plan, and gradually establish Guangxi ecological environment damage repair and compensation system, to further refine the specific circumstances of the start compensation for environmental damage, clear the autonomous region and municipal government jurisdiction, the provisions of the scope of compensation, compensation obligor, the obligee to compensation and the flow of work.

In November 12th, the official Department of the autonomous region ecological environment was established and inaugurated. The newly formed Department of ecological environment based on the former Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Bureau, environmental protection will integrate the functions of development and reform, land, water, agriculture, marine and Fisheries Department, marking the Guangxi ecological civilization construction and ecological environment protection in the historical starting point of the new station, is conducive to the ecological environment supervision system establishment a unified, authoritative and efficient, is conducive to the improvement of the ecological environment governance system, improve the ecological environment governance capacity, is conducive to promoting the completion of "environmental protection work of Party committees and governments, departments in charge of the overall ecological environment, relevant departments make concerted efforts, abide by the law, social public sewage units supervision".

In addition, at present, Guangxi ecological civilization construction of 12 projects included in the autonomous region of the thirteen National People's Congress and the Standing Committee of people's Congress of the autonomous region five years of legislative plan, the field of ecological civilization construction legislation has been included in the autonomous region the focus of legislation.

In construction of natural protection district

Guangxi is one of the provinces of the country earlier established natural areas and nature reserves quantity protection, the number of top national nature reserve. Since 1961 the establishment of the first nature reserve - Huaping Nature Reserve since, as of the end of 2017, the region has established 78 nature reserves, nature reserves with a total area of about 13 thousand and 500 square kilometers, accounting for about 5.68% of the total land area, the national natural protection zone 23. The basic form of the layout more reasonable and more diversified types, the function is relatively complete, has played an important ecological nature reserve network protection function.

In order to ensure the quality of the new national, provincial nature reserve, as early as 1992, Guangxi code for new national, provincial nature reserve of the examination and approval procedures. In 1993, the establishment of autonomous nature reserve assessment committee, responsible for the provincial nature reserve assessment and the National Nature Reserve of the preliminary evaluation. In 2003, the Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Department issued a "system" and "Review Committee Organization area of Guangxi autonomous region, nature reserve evaluation index and score" Nature Reserve in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in 2013, according to the new requirements of the state and the autonomous region of the nature reserve reporting assessment, combined with the actual Guangxi revised.

"12th Five-Year" period, Guangxi full support for nature protection construction and promotion work, the region built 1 nature reserves (Wang Gangshan), the promotion of 7 nature reserves as National Nature Reserve (Encheng, Bangliang gibbon, Yuanbaoshan, yinzhulaoshan, seven Chong, Daguishan, Chongzuo Whitehead alligator lizard leaf monkey), complete Hirayama, Qinglongshan, spring show, Chengbi River, Surabaya River, building new, state, Defu, Diding, Baoding Wufu 10 nature reserves, as well as 5 geological relics protection zone really work.

According to a preliminary assessment, the Guangxi Nature Reserve in Guangxi network contains the most important terrestrial natural ecosystems, terrestrial wild vertebrates and wild vascular plant species, the effective protection of the national key protected wild animal species, 90% of the 82% national key protected wild plants and 31% species of mangrove wetland, it is important and key the position in the natural protection and ecological construction in Guangxi.

At present, Guangxi has formed a vertical hierarchical management, natural protection area management system of horizontal integrated management and sub sector management combination. Over the years, Guangxi strict nature reserve adjustment management, strengthen the supervision of activities involving nature reserve development and construction, strengthen the nature reserve law enforcement inspection. In 2012 ~2017 years, Guangxi departments jointly carried out several of the nature reserve special law enforcement inspection, and the nature reserve in the destruction of the environment violations, standardize the management of nature reserves in order to strengthen the unified management of the nature reserve, promote law enforcement inspection work system of nature reserve.

More advanced means of monitoring and enforcement

Analysis of the characteristics of regional air pollution causes and haze pollution weather mechanism from the past, because of the lack of high-tech equipment and "bewildered", now more clout can accurately analyze and forecast.

The monitoring of complex environment, from the past simply rely on artificial entry operations, now can use advanced UAV, unmanned ship monitoring system "and".

The use of information means, from the past single method and backward "barriers" heavy, now has to walk in the forefront of the national environmental monitoring and early warning information system platform, the realization of Guangxi "green map".

In recent years, Guangxi environmental protection high-tech equipment constantly updated, informatization construction to achieve leapfrog development speed, for the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection work put on the wings of high technology.

The building of ecological environment in the Department of the autonomous Nanning Foziling Road, 5 floor corner, an environmental community called "the work station is everything in good order and well arranged air pollution complex super automatic monitoring station. "Super station" appearance is ordinary, can room equipment and monitoring means, has been at the forefront of the country and even in the one and only get fully affirmed the domestic, the leadership of the Ministry of environment.

According to the staff commentary, I saw the high-energy polarized aerosol lidar, proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry, scanning electron microscopy and energy spectrum analyzer etc. more than 10 kinds of high-tech equipment worth about 10000000 yuan.

When in 1995, because the device can not keep up, monitoring and analysis of data we can only do PM10, SO2 and NO2 this 3 air pollution index, early warning and forecast before the formation of most of them are "Tiger Balm ', due to lack of precision, no focus, heart is not what emboldened." Technical support director Jiang Jianhong Autonomous District Environmental Monitoring Center Station filled with a thousand regrets.

Gratifying is that from the beginning of 2015, the monitoring station to increase high-tech equipment renewal efforts, in addition to the new air quality standards PM2.5 6 pollutants monitoring capabilities, but also has analysis of atmospheric particulates (aerosols) physicochemical properties, function of haze weather analysis, but the quantitative evaluation of Guangxi air quality assessment comprehensive prevention and control of regional air pollution effects for early warning and forecasting, environmental management and decision-making to provide comprehensive technical support more clout. At present, Guangxi is being carried out in autumn and winter air pollution control battle, relying on its analysis, a series of accurate data prediction is from the "super station".

"Super station" show "environmental protection power", is the powerful function of the "tip of the iceberg".

According to reports, as the only independent approved the original Ministry of environmental protection environmental damage appraisal of provincial environmental monitoring agencies recommend station, this station currently has more than 600 sets of precision instruments and equipment worth nearly 110 million yuan, with water, air, soil and other 11 categories of 344 monitoring ability. From 2015 onwards, the station also established ecological remote sensing monitoring laboratory, through remote sensing, geographic information system, high spectral photography, 3D modeling and virtual reality technology, carry out the research and application of remote sensing monitoring of ecological.

These years, the Guangxi environmental monitoring center station based on a series of high-tech environmental protection equipment and advanced means, mainly to carry out the Guangxi ecological environment quality monitoring and evaluation of natural protection areas, monitoring and supervision work, in 10 years of change, Guangxi typical ecological function area ecological typical nature ecosystem service function of Guangxi North Bay Economic Zone and ecological study on the bearing capacity, research and application of fruits.

In addition, in order to change the existing deficiencies, Guangxi environmental management on the past in recent years, the autonomous region ecological environment agency in the top-level design, adhere to the unified information construction, perfecting the construction of large data information platform, focus on building e-government services, and the formation of cloud computing, big data, Internet plus technology as the core of the "Guangxi environmental protection cloud", for Guangxi to achieve economic and social development and environmental protection "win-win" played a huge performance.

According to the regional environmental information center staff, at present, Guangxi environmental monitoring and warning information system platform covers a comprehensive administrative office, project approval, comprehensive management, ecological management, nuclear and radiation environment monitoring more than 20 sub system, and provide a unified geospatial display platform based on three-dimensional GIS system, built Guangxi "Green Map", all kinds of environmental management elements together, unified spatial data management platform, centralized management of distributed information, realize the sharing of information resources.

In the aspect of law enforcement, the ecological environment in recent years, Guangxi took the lead in the implementation of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), three city and county environmental monitoring comprehensive coverage of mobile law enforcement system, at the forefront of the country. Through this system, people can visually see all areas of law enforcement personnel distribution, track frequency, site enforcement density, real-time, three-dimensional dynamic range of the master of law enforcement. Relying on database resources, to analyze and forecast system of high-risk enterprises, the autonomous region classification red pollution source has 3756, yellow pollution source has 7512, the green card has 9200 sources of pollution, and high ranked the top 100 enterprises included in the "double random sampling" enterprise library, to enhance the environmental crime deterrent force.

At the same time, Guangxi in recent years has also realized the emergency command information pollution incident, the emergency system and environmental monitoring system, automatic mobile enforcement Monitor System, meteorological and other departments system data sharing and "linkage" function.

This series of environmental protection high-tech and informatization construction of fruits, for Guangxi to achieve economic and social development and environmental protection win-win play great efficiency. (Liang Yuqiao)

(Shi Lin, commissioning editor He Yingchun)