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The giant panda "Tao Tao" in the snow.


The monitoring staff panda installed active trigger type infrared camera to monitor the reintroduction of the.

At the end of 2018, Yaan issued such a message: 2019 will launch the "10000 Hong Kong tour Ya" activities, invite people to come "panda hometown tour".

The giant panda is found Chinese ya, is the first giant panda reintroduction to Chinese. The "panda panda hometown" what a wonderful story? This reporter visited a.

Deep Ma

Ya'an is located in Shimian County in Liziping nature reserve, Ma, is the first big China panda reintroduction, this reporter was the destination of this trip.

Liziping nature reserve is a nature reserve to protect the giant panda and its habitat and ecosystem. Reserve was founded in 2003, is located in the southwest margin of Sichuan basin, the upper reaches of the Minjiang River tributary of the Dadu River in Gongga, south of Shandong, a total area of about 47885 hectares.

Our car starting from the Shimian County, along highway 108 south. Liziping nature reserve at an altitude of 3000 meters, the car on the way to climb high mountains and lofty hills. Greet reporters eyes is a very spectacular Iasi highway (Ya'an to Xichang). It is like a dragon, a hanging in the cliff, a drill into the mountains, forming a unique scenery in the valley.

Ping Yi Xiang Gong Yi Cun of Shimian County Chestnut is the last village in Liziping nature reserve on the road, more than 90% villagers here is yi. Through the village, reporters into the sea to protect the public welfare protection station.

The station staff said to reporters, there are many rare animals and plants of the giant panda habitat, a tufted deer, yellow throated marten, panda, takin, white, black, golden pheasant Tragopan and other animal, as well as the old tree, water tree relict plant, these plants originated long ago, called live fossil plants.

Of course, here is the most watched or panda. According to the new "national fourth giant panda survey report", Sichuan Xiaoxiangling panda habitat area of 119 thousand hectares, the distribution of 30 giant pandas. The Xiaoxiangling mountains in Shimian County, distributed in 25 giant pandas, divided into public sea and lime kiln two local populations, including public sea populations of 22, only 3 species of lime kiln.

For monitoring the reintroduction of the giant panda protection zone set up a field monitoring team, there are 13 players, they live in the protection station. The players a monthly average of at least 15 to 18 days in the reserve forest monitoring field traces of the giant panda.

At present, the monitoring team developed a radio tracking monitoring, GPS monitoring, ACT positioning data, collect fresh feces and feeding field investigation and monitoring technical regulations, in accordance with the technical requirements for data collection on the giant panda survival security, space activities, activity rhythm, survival status and epidemic diseases and other aspects, and the establishment of the giant panda DNA dynamic database, analysis of genetic contribution made to the local giant panda reintroduction of giant panda population.

From the station to the point of being released, only a simple dirt road. The pickup truck was not found in the local, we had to take risks on the road suv. Midway through several dangerous road, we can only walk through.

On the way, a national animal protection Tragopan appeared in the car in front of the woods.

When you see the words "Alulundi River" sign, everyone suddenly excited, "we finally to Ma!"

Visit the release point

In being released, in addition to the reintroduction of the fence and the reintroduction of trough, most notably a giant panda reintroduction designed for "Lu Yan" set up the sculpture.

The sculpture, the giant panda "Lu Yan" hand bamboo, eyes staring into the distance. Her young lovely, eyes watching her every act and every move.

"Lu Yan" of the story had to say, because she is one of the first places the reintroduction of the giant panda.

9 years ago to the day, in the "hungry disease Lu Yan" in Luding Sichuan County Ganzi township is found by the local villagers after being rescued. The next morning, experts China giant panda protection and research center of emergency dispatch, "Lu Yan" received a research center in Ya'an Bifengxia base to receive comprehensive treatment. After 1 months of careful conditioning, "the full restoration of Lu Yan" body, easy to put in Liziping nature reserve.

"Lu Yan" released after the wild panda technology research and monitoring personnel tracking, through the radio collar GPS positioning, positioning and other research activity traces, "Lu Yan" in the field of the daily moving distance, scope of activities, activity rhythm, foraging habitat selection, selection conditions, analysis of its integration into the local population.

In a monitoring, infrared cameras to the "Lu Yan" with a cub. To further confirm the relationship between the young and the "Lu Yan", the researchers and the monitoring team over a period of 1 years DNA sample collection and genetic analysis in reintroduction area to carry out, and ultimately determine the photos of giant panda cub as "Lu Yan" and local wild panda offspring.

The accompanying reporters into being released into the Liziping nature reserve, Zeng Jie is a panda fancier. She also tells the story of a panda story to reporters.

Last December 28th, the monitoring team in the recapture cage accidentally discovered a panda. The Chinese giant panda protection and Research Center for the detection and judgment to determine the shape chip scanner, October 11, 2012 wild giant panda Tao tao".

China giant panda protection and Research Center for veterinary immediately conducted a physical examination of "Tao". The results show that "Tao Tao" 115 kilograms of weight, normal growth, good health, good living conditions in the wild. In determining the "Tao Tao" health and wear GPS collar, the next day at 12 noon, "Tao" was again released into the wild.

"Tao Tao" is the first by way of field training with young female panda. "Tao Tao" survive in the wild for 5 years, to verify the artificial breeding of giant pandas by females with wild training methods successfully Aberdeen wild, also created a new record for artificial breeding of giant pandas into the wild survival time.

It is understood that Sichuan took the lead in the country launched a field ambulance easily and the giant panda reintroduction and rejuvenation of isolated small populations. In the protection of Xiaoxiangling pandas is the core value of Liziping nature reserve have released "Lu Yan", "Tao" and "Zhang", "Snow", "Hua Jiao", "Hua Yan", "a dream", "BAXI", "9 presents" the giant panda, Li Zi Ping reserve established the country's first giant panda reintroduction of wild training base".

For the giant panda

In Liziping Reserve Administration Office, hangs a photograph of snowflakes, "Lu Yan" walking in the snow, wearing a neck collar visible behind her, a small baby pandas follow, plush appearance, adorable.

The reporter visits found that Liziping reserve jungle, thorns everywhere, precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs startling step by step. The monitoring team and scientific research personnel, climbing wading, lying on ice, snow, wind, Chlamys Mu rain, year after year, the giant panda observation day in and day out, in the field of safety and health. They are often in the mountains for a week, often 10 days and a half months can not return home. They picked up a fresh dung and excited, to obtain an accurate data and very happy.

An adult panda in the wild habitat ranges is 4 square kilometers, to nearly 30 square kilometers, even if they are on the neck collar can transmit signals to find them in the vast Lin is not easy.

Deputy director of Liziping Reserve Administration wasp is a full brain is a panda story, see the reporter, he opened the chatterbox.

The Hornets said, Xiaoxiangling pandas, may be due to genetic drift and inbreeding coefficient, appear inbreeding depression, evolutionary plasticity loss and outbreeding depression risk, which leads to further reduce the population to increase the likelihood of extinction. For these reasons, in Liziping nature reserve public construction of sea Xiaoxiangling giant panda reintroduction base, and with the reintroduction of captive to the field, or help individual pandas into the Xiaoxiangling pandas in small populations, genetic diversity increased here giant panda population, improve population survival ability.

Since the last century since the beginning of 90s the implementation of the "China protect the giant panda and its habitat project" and "natural forest protection project", the wild pandas endangered situation eased further. The latest data released by the National Bureau of forestry and grassland showed that the number of wild pandas have China population rose from 1114 in 70s and 80s to 1864, the protection of the giant panda habitat area from 1 million 390 thousand hectares to 2 million 580 thousand hectares of growth, the number grew from 15 to 67 giant panda Nature Reserve area.

Reintroduction is the number of pandas in the wild population, effective means to promote their rejuvenation. The practice proves that the reintroduction of this road." China giant panda protection and research center responsible person said, after the reintroduction of the giant panda "Lu Yan" has been in the wild breed, "Zhang" and "BAXI" has been integrated into the local population of wild life.

Let the panda really return to nature, this is the China panda protection workers mission.

"People's Daily Overseas Edition" (2018 years and 12 month 06 edition 05)

(Shi Lin, commissioning editor He Yingchun)