Zhejiang Suichang innovation mechanism of management and protection of rivers and lakes

A river a policy painted on the environmental background

In December 2018 06, 07:47 source: 138479.xyz: People's daily

Hangzhou, December 5, (Fang Min, Chu Xinmin) the establishment of the County Rural Three River Long 407 name, with "the sheriff River 59, hired the private flood supervisor 335...... In recent years, Zhejiang County of Suichang province to establish and improve the long-term management, channel space protection, comprehensive law enforcement three system, a strategy of a river, the initial formation of the long river system as the core, the adaptation mechanism of river management system of economic and social development of mountain.

Suichang county is located in the upper reaches of the Oujiang River, Qiantang River, is a national key ecological function areas. This year, the county of river river total length of 16364 passengers, 147 field work meetings, coordinate and solve the problem of wading 379, to promote the completion of flood control key project investment 290 million yuan. In order to regulate the performance of their duties, Suichang county has established long river system information management system, using a portable equipment to patrol the river 17 major river and 23 major sewage outfall into the river 24 hours monitoring, grasp the dynamic situation of management and protection of rivers and lakes. Through the innovation of system and mechanism of the management and protection of rivers and lakes, water ecological environment continues to improve, the county water outflow for 5 consecutive years has achieved excellent grades. "We will further build the" long river + 'all-round management system, green development background, painted bright." Suichang County deputy magistrate Guo Yunqiang said.

"People's Daily" (06 December 2018 06 Edition)

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