From the packaging and transportation, the green process of express industry step by step acceleration

Much less waste package

Newspaper reporter Li Xinping

11 2018 09 08:31 on the source of years: People's daily

The day before, in Zhejiang Hangzhou city Xihu District Xixi Butterfly Garden District rookie Inn, the public will express package of investment return of taiwan. Kun Ding.

11 month 7 days, the State Post Bureau issued a forecast, during the period from 11 days to 16 days, the whole industry post processing (fast) a business volume is expected to exceed 1 billion 870 million. At the same time, Zhejiang, Jiaxing, Fujian announced the new Xiamen, Shandong Qingdao, Henan Hebi, Hubei Enshi Green Express integrated pilot city, and can be recycled in the 6 companies carry out transfer bag (box) instead of disposable plastic bags full pilot, gradually promote the green express process.

Use less packaging tape, printing ink, can use less packaging, transportation recycling more new energy vehicles...... Try a series of measures, to express the green process step by step acceleration.

Express packaging reduction and recycling to achieve breaking

"You see, down the box with express open cans, gently breaking on both sides of the sealing buckle can open the package!" Lin Wanru students excitedly to the new express reporter received her packing box.

It is reported that this is the glue of zero carton logistics Suning launched a new "". Different from the traditional paper boxes will be all kinds of tape tied up, the carton by degradable sealing buckle.

Tape reduction, is this trend express package. On the one hand, through the standardization of the tape winding to reduce the use of adhesive tape; on the other hand, no adhesive tape box gradually put into use. Chinese post, SF, BES Express, Suning logistics are announced to gradually promote the use of non adhesive tape packing box in the national network.

In addition to reducing tape, on the basis of ensuring the safety of the courier packaging have also reduced in other ways. For example, reducing printing quantity, SF, tact trying to sharply reduce the surface area of printing, envelope packaging printing ink used to reduce the amount of 23%; reducing supplies, courier companies are made of high strength, low weight paper, envelopes, cardboard boxes and other packaging 15% average weight 20%; slow rush, SF launched bubble volume filling material instead of the original bubble film, thereby greatly reducing the buffer usage, but also can improve the safety of the product delivery.

"Because it can not only reduce the material loss, but also can reduce the enterprise cost, reduction packing express industry achieved great breakthrough." Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication Qingdao Research Institute president Zhu Lei said.

Reusable packaging, has become a new bright spot in this year's express package. Rookie network announced, "double 11" this year, Ningbo Tmall supermarket package will use the circulation box distribution, to unpack the goods after receipt, the courier will cycle back to the box to use again.

Of course, to let the courier packaging completely green, the courier industry had achieved Recyclable. The postal delivery Chinese gift vouchers to users in Tongchuan city of Shaanxi, a pilot recycling user FedEx box. SF is also committed to recycling of packaging. "We hope that through in circulation, Recyclable etc. to make industry step by step to achieve the" only package, no garbage "vision." SF "Feng BOX" product development engineer Xiao Gaofei said.

Innovation is the link of the courier to achieve green tips

"Green packaging is only a part, have to do the green scene, green transportation." Zhu Lei said, the so-called green scene, which requires the storage and distribution of each link center, outlets, package parts are energy consumption and carbon emissions are as low as possible, a recovery rate as much as possible to improve the packaging.

Innovation, is to express the scene of green tips.

A new model for the upcoming "double 11" rookie, put into operation in Ningbo the whole category of "green bin". From the consumer orders, "green warehouse" in the use of circular box picking, loading, and direct sealing lock box form with circular distribution to consumers. The whole process, in addition to the original packaging of goods, without two packaging, the full realization of zero padding and adhesive tape, Zero Zero New carton.

The new technology also in the "double 11" on the eve of the Jingdong announced the opening of intelligent logistics packaging machine, the machine has the function of automatic intelligent packaging boxes, automatic capture packing, automatic sealing and automatic labeling, packing speed, packing efficiency compared with the traditional packing operation up to 10 times. At the same time, the use of packaging machine with hot melt sealing technique to replace the tape, and in contact with the bottom of the package at the bottom of the carton glue fixed, effectively reduce the sloshing of goods during transport, and saves the use of filler.

Environmental protection bags of new products with an electronic tag. "The traditional one-time transfer bags generally consists of polyethylene, polypropylene, non biodegradable, low recovery rate, can not be recycled. The environmental protection bags made of high strength polyester cloth, the recycling process is simple, Recyclable reconstruction for plastic trash, plastic pots and other daily plastic." Shanghai song in Environmental Science and technology product manager Sun Jian said.

In order to better achieve the environmental cycle scheduling container bags, each bag of environmental protection on the upper right corner is provided with an electronic tag chip, each chip corresponding to the only chip, transport can be based on the chip number of bags tracking location.

Sun Jian, Shen Tong is actively adopted the environmental protection bag. According to statistics, the first half of 2018, Shanghai environmental protection bag with electronic label in the country to use is about 49 million 50 thousand times the number directly, reduce the use of disposable bags of about 49 million 50 thousand.

The proportion of new energy vehicles in transit will improve

Bring green express, Dai Xiangrong Beijing people were impressed by the new energy vehicles. "My home is near the SF outlets, vehicle basically turned into new energy vehicles." He said.

"In Beijing, we plan to add the replacement of new energy vehicles more than 1500 units this year, when the new energy vehicles will account for more than 70 percent of all vehicles in Beijing sf." SF EXPRESS new energy vehicle project leader Zheng Weizhi said.

Chinese post in green transportation has also done a comprehensive reform, played a combination of boxing, structural adjustment, improve the proportion of new energy vehicles; variable models, through the structure optimization of the lightweight improvement and carriage of the vehicle, further to achieve energy saving and emission reduction; strong management, the establishment of new energy vehicles, power battery electric tricycle use, charging, maintenance and waste management system, standardize waste battery recycling process.

"To 2020, Chinese post will achieve with driving conditions of city delivery of new cars all use of new energy vehicles." China Post Group Chairman Liu Aili said, the China postal center of Guangzhou Bureau has vigorously promoted ofswap transportation, thereby reducing the use of vehicles 22 units, the daily consumption of 1500 litres of diesel can be saved.

"Although the courier companies make a positive attempt in the green transportation, but undeniable constraints exist in all aspects of the right of way, mileage, charging, battery recycling, customer service maintenance etc.." Zhu Lei said, for example, at various places for new energy vehicle license application, freight index permits and road transport business license management standards, the objective to increase the cost of transport enterprises to adjust the structure.

"The courier industry needs a green production industry 'revolution', hope that through the efforts of the whole trade, by 2020, in line with the new national standard packaging materials application ratio can reach more than 90%, single packaging tape, filler material average significantly reduced the amount of transfer, circulation bags are used to achieve full coverage of basic breakthrough. New energy and clean energy vehicles to promote the application of ownership, to reach 20 thousand." The State Post Bureau, Ma Junsheng said.

"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 11 Edition)

(Yu Lu, commissioning editor He Yingchun)