Look back: repeat the report reflects what?

In November 2018 09, 08:53 source: China Environment News

The Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate recently stationed in ten provinces to carry out "look back", from around the petition to report the situation, many places have emerged repeatedly reported the situation, some problems still report after the central environmental inspectors to do local key xinfangjian.

If the inspectors group 55 cases to the first batch of Jilin province to do in 2017 years, and the first round of the central environmental inspectors to do repeated cases have 10 cases, accounting for 19.6%. The first petition handed over to the inspection group in Shanxi Province, there are 5 pieces to repeat the report, the Taiyuan Hengda residents to report the noise and the presence of TISCO plant dust pollution, in 2017 as a key piece to do. In addition, groups of inspectors to Sichuan province to do the first 72 pieces of environmental petition in the report, and in 2017 the first round of the central environmental inspectors to do is repeated 15.

More than a year of rectification time, there are still a lot of the number of duplicate reports, although these repeated reports need further verification, but also to some extent reflects the country there are still some problems in the supervision of rectification work.

These are repeated to report problems unresolved, some local governments may be not as slow as the cause; some may be cross departmental functions, the division of unidentified; of course, some problems may be difficult, the rectification period is longer, has not been completely resolved.

In fact, many repeated reporting problems, such as noise, smoke, dust, appears to be a small problem, but a great impact on people's daily life. These problems are not addressed, the reasonable demands of the masses of long-term can not be met, not only affect the credibility of the local government, but also undermines the central ecological environment protection of the seriousness and authority of the inspector.

From the first round of the central environmental inspectors and the first batch of "look back" experience, repeated complaints, repeated complaints, often become an important clue to supervision. All localities must pay attention to it, find out the reasons, classification and disposal. Can be resolved as soon as possible, as soon as possible to solve; or in a short span of time, to the timely development of the reform program, a clear time limit, to speed up the progress of; at the same time make rectification publicity work, let the people to keep abreast of the progress of the rectification.

To repeat the report problems found in the not as slow as even as the chaos situation, must according to the law seriously accountable accountable, conducting pressure and compaction responsibility to ensure that inspectors carried out rectification requirements, promote environmental quality continues to improve, and constantly improve people's sense of happiness and gain a sense of. (Xie Jiali)

(Yu Lu, commissioning editor He Yingchun)