Xinjiang has won the battle of the blue sky three year action plan

In 2020 the region's air quality improved significantly

In November 2018 09, 08:46 source: China Environment News

"Autonomous region to win the battle of the blue sky three year action plan (2018 - 2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") recently introduced, to determine the future of Xinjiang overall air pollution prevention and control work for 3 years, major tasks and safeguard measures.

The "plan" clearly, the next 3 years, will be the main battlefield in the "Wu Chang - stone" and "Kui Du Wu" and other key areas, to significantly reduce the concentration of fine particles (PM2.5) as the focus, in order to reduce the number of days of heavy pollution as the main direction in the heating season is the key period, the continued implementation of the atmosphere pollution prevention and Control Act, to 2020 years, the region's air quality improved significantly, the autonomous region and the Corps two city 14 city (Shihezi City, Wujiaqu) air quality days mean ratio reached 71.6% and 80% respectively; the concentration of PM2.5 decreased significantly in 2015 years as the base year, the average value of PM2.5 did not meet the autonomous region 10 the city and the Corps two city average PM2.5 concentration decreased by 15%. Part of the city rising the concentration of nitrogen dioxide and ozone pollution aggravation to curb the trend, the annual concentration of sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide for two level standard is better than "environmental air quality", the people's well-being significantly enhanced the blue sky.

"Plan" put forward, the atmospheric pollution source, pollution control, special law enforcement to tackle diesel industrial furnace special treatment, special treatment of volatile organic compounds and heating season defense of air pollution control will be implemented in five special operations, comprehensive use of economic, legal, technical and necessary administrative means, vigorously adjust and optimize the industrial structure, energy structure transport structure and land use structure, strengthening the army and regional joint prevention and control with anti Wen, the comprehensive management of coal pollution, strict control of motor vehicle pollution, and comprehensively promote the city dust and other non-point source pollution remediation, strengthen the environmental supervision of enterprises in key industries. (Hou Weiting Wang Yayun)

(Yu Lu, commissioning editor He Yingchun)