China's agricultural and rural pollution control battle started

11 2018 09 08:39 on the source of years: Economic Information Daily

8 days, reporters from the environmental department learned that before the Ministry of agriculture and rural ecological environment "issued by the Ministry of agriculture and rural pollution control battle action plan", the general requirements in accordance with the requirements of implementing the strategy of revitalizing the country, strengthen pollution control, recycling and ecological protection, to further promote the rural living environment improvement and reduction of agricultural inputs and the mode of ecological industry, deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms, play the role of government and the market, make up the agricultural and rural ecological environment protection outstanding short board.

Action plan, through three years of poverty, accelerating the development of rural green, pollution control work system and mechanism of agricultural and rural basic form, agricultural and rural environmental supervision was strengthened. The action plan proposed five main tasks. Including the strengthening of rural drinking water source protection, sewage treatment, accelerate rural living garbage pollution, effective prevention and control efforts to solve the livestock farming pollution, improve environmental supervision capacity of agriculture and rural areas.

The responsible person pointed out, to carry out pollution control in rural areas agriculture should adhere to local conditions, seeking truth from facts. "All according to the quality of the environment, natural conditions, economic level and farmers hope, scientifically determine the target of local tasks, concentrate on solving the outstanding environmental problems. According to the actual situation, the control technology, the application of pragmatic, not to engage across the board, not formalism".

(Yu Lu, commissioning editor He Yingchun)